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Joan Allen has posted a new image of Summer from her Mugshots series on her facebook page. The pictures were taken back in 2009.

Mugshot by Joan Allen

Here she is. My muse. My friend. She’ll definitely be in my Mugshots coffee table book.

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By Mart
Jun 14, 2013

Summer gets more beautiful year, shame these aren’t higher res. Nice photo though :)

By thierry
Jun 15, 2013

Joan Allen definitely can catch Summer’s beauty in a very expressive way…. especially in B&W.

@Mart : higher res. versions will come, am sure of that !

By Juan M
Jun 15, 2013

She looks perfect.

By Kevin Wales
Jun 15, 2013

It’s criminal !

By John Assal
Jun 15, 2013

Like any muse I’m sure she’s inspired men and women in all sorts of positions, not just photographers.

By jr
Jun 17, 2013

I wish they could work together every week. Awesome pic

By Cegorach
Jun 18, 2013

Great photo. Slightly unsettling, but art should be like that so it is a good thing.

By formytots0128
Jul 19, 2013

Thanks Norman.

It’s great to know that a talented photographer such as Joan Allen loves to work with Summer and considers Summer as her muse. It speaks volumes on Summer’s natural beauty, grace, and personality that us Summer fans have seen and heard about. Joan Allen is definitely one of us. :)

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