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Jun 14 New Mugshot Of Summer 8
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Joan Allen has posted a new image of Summer from her Mugshots series on her facebook page. The pictures were taken back in 2009.

Mugshot by Joan Allen

Here she is. My muse. My friend. She’ll definitely be in my Mugshots coffee table book.

Posted at 7:01 pm Author: Norman 8 Comments

8 Responses to “ New Mugshot Of Summer ”

    Mart Says:
    Date: Jun 14th, 2013
    Time: 09:53:04

    thierry Says:
    Date: Jun 15th, 2013
    Time: 04:29:24

    Juan M Says:
    Date: Jun 15th, 2013
    Time: 01:58:55

    Kevin Wales Says:
    Date: Jun 15th, 2013
    Time: 02:13:30

    John Assal Says:
    Date: Jun 15th, 2013
    Time: 07:16:17

    jr Says:
    Date: Jun 17th, 2013
    Time: 04:38:36

    Cegorach Says:
    Date: Jun 18th, 2013
    Time: 11:59:55

    formytots0128 Says:
    Date: Jul 19th, 2013
    Time: 10:57:24

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