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Happy Birthday!!!

Summer turns 32 today, let’s all wish her the best of birthdays…

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By Daniel Williamson
Jun 14, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday, Summer.
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles fan
Daniel Williamson
PS: I’d love to see you be in an episode of DOCTOR WHO.

By Leah Steger
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer, I hope you have an amazing well deserved day. Please remember that we the fans believe in and would never believe what other negative people say, I’m a fan of many and your show TSCC is one of the best shows on TV I still watch it, by the way JameronForever. Have an amazing day and have a drink on me, I hope you have the best day. I look forward to everything you do, thank you for TSCC.

By Chris Fex
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday and have lots of fun! Hope you can make it to Ottawa Comiccon in May next year! Everyone missed you there!

By Cegorach
Jun 14, 2013

Don’t know if it is sufficient, but here it goes:

Happiness and fullfilment in Your long, healthy life.
May You live 100 years and more. Sto lat!

And thank you for characters sparkling with positive energy regardless from what it comes – a shielded nuclear power source, an electrocuting chair, a zzap gun or preferably from the nicely described, new, renewable, Texan Black Gold.

Happy Birthday Madam Glau!

T.M. from Poland

By Al McEvoy
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!

You’re one of my favorites – I look forward to every single thing you are in.

By Mark Blakey
Jun 14, 2013

Happy birthday Summer!
Have a good one,
wishing you all the best

By Kimmo
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer! I wish you all the best in the future!

Love you,
Kimmo, Finland

By lorin gibbs
Jun 14, 2013

happy birthday! I Loved you in firefly, and terminator, and pretty much everything else.
I hope you have a long life and a plentiful career, hopefully getting a few main character roles along the way, I wish you happy healthy and safe.

By Steven Dudley
Jun 14, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday Summer!
You’ll always be my favorite!!! Best wishes in 2013.

By Sean
Jun 14, 2013

Hope you have a very special day full of joy and fulfillment (and cake).

As I’ve said before, you are meant to be happy!

Happy built/birthday, Pretty Summer!

By V Williams
Jun 14, 2013

May all your birthday wishes come true.Don’t you just wonder sometimes how the heck all that time slips by so quickly? God bless and Happy birthday.

By thierry
Jun 14, 2013

Best wishes of happiness,
joy, love,
smiles around you,

Happy birthday :-)


By Alex
Jun 14, 2013

Hi Summer!

Happy Birthday from your Bulgarian fans. I hope you have an awesome year filled with lots of happiness and love!


By The1Russter
Jun 14, 2013

There are so many people around the world who love you Miss Glau, and a few times each year you get to meet them in various cities. But your birthday is your day, to spend with the people whose love means the most to you. You are truly blessed by God. Happy Birthday Summer!

By oleg
Jun 14, 2013

I congratulate you on birthday! Wish you many years of life, good health, and I want to thank you for your roles! Watch with interest all your roles and admire you and your talent! And wish you success in yours future undertakings!

By Muratcan Coban
Jun 14, 2013


By Mart
Jun 14, 2013

SUMMER…..Happy Birthday :) I admire you as a person because you’re strong, kind and beautiful, you also bring joy to many people as you might be able to tell from the lines at the conventions 😛 Anyway…, best wishes from all your fans here in the U.K and from me :)

Have a great B-Day,

Martin, England

By John Assal
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer!

It was nice to meet you. I’m glad things are going so well for you, be well and take care.
Hopefully your wishes come true. Guess that’s all (before any Asbergers kicks in…)

PS, careful with all those candles! (I’m blaming that one on Asbergers, LOL.)

Best wishes,
John Assal

By Boris Blagojeevic
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess Summer. May God bless you and live many bilion of years. With enternal endless happy pure love 😀
God Bless You.

By Matt M.
Jun 14, 2013


You are a blessing to us and the people in your life.
Wishing you a very happy birthday (and many more).

Your fan always,
Matt M.
Pennsylvania, USA

PS: Thank you again for coming to Philadelphia. I hope you had fun. :)

By Cameron Anderson
Jun 14, 2013

“Happy Birthday” Summer, may all your wishes come true..
To a most special spirit, born into the material world to demonstrate the “Living Love” for all to see..I just look into your smiling eyes & I feel it..
Summer Glau.. KA POW ! ..

Thanks & best wishes from Australia, visit soon..XXXXXXX..

By Maciej
Jun 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!
Best wishes from Poland


By Rainer
Jun 17, 2013

Happy birthday Summer ,
I wish you all the best

By Robert
Jun 18, 2013

You, dear Summer You’re so young,
You are so beautiful and smart,
sustaining ‘out the memory,
You are great, dear wife!
Stay as You are and smiling,
we always want to see you,
because You’re wonderful!

And wish you a Happy Birthday
let you celebrate.

By Lily Grace
Jun 18, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMMER! I hope you have fun in the sun and on the set. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings you!

By Gorko
Jun 19, 2013

Once again Miss Glau, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Cheers!

By Ansis Hardlastname
Jun 19, 2013

Happy birthday to you!
I wish you all the best and may your birthday be a fairytale come true! (Or a sci-fi show, whichever is closer)

Ansis, from a small European country.

By Andor
Jun 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer!
Wishing you all the best in both private life and professional career,

By Logi
Jun 21, 2013

Ich wunsch ihr alles Gute zum Geburtatag.
Kann leider nur auf Deutsch schreiben.

ps Hab auch am selben Tag Geburtstag und muss da immer an sie denken.
Ihre Filme (Serien) gaben mir immer Kraft.

By Alex Lackey
Jun 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to one of the most talented and nicest people in your industry. Have fun and stay safe.


By Danielle Cottingham
Jun 22, 2013

Happy Birthday! You are so inspirational, from your work to your fashion. You rock! Hope you have a great birthday, and I am looking forward to see what you do next!

By enrico c
Jun 24, 2013

Happy birthday, Summer!!
Thanks for being true and real, for existing and for being such a wonderful woman. Happy birthday, mei mei, I love you so much.

By Kevin Wales
Jun 24, 2013

Did anyone ever tell you that you make an awesome cyborg. In fact some people even think you really are one. How ridiculous. You’ve got 2 sisters and a mother and a father. Cyborgs are made not born, which is what my message is about.
Happy ‘built day’ Summer. (How old are you now? Oh wow, as old as that.
**Who knew?**
That is an Americanism that I have noticed is said a lot on TV recently).

By Sebastian Knoll
Jun 24, 2013

Whatever life may throw at you, whatever other people may tell you, I hope you know that there are people in this world that love you – both as a person and an artist.

I wish you all the best today and every day after that.

Happy Birthday, Summer!

By Stefan
Jun 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer,

i hope you have a great day with your family and friends. May all your wishes com true. Just stay as wonderful as you are.

With love and hugs from Germany,
Your Stefan

By Allison
Jun 25, 2013

Wow I adore your acting. You very special and so fun to watch, but mostly you Inspire me lots. Not in acting though. I’m too much of a clutz and scary to have world see me. Your very brave. Also you are much better playing terminator than ones in movies. I was in awe watching every episode. When you fight the huge terminator guy I was like Wow! I never write to stranger before, but couldn’t resist when I seen you Web. I very happy be one of so many fans.

Happy happy 32 birthday!

By Kes
Jun 25, 2013

Have a great birthday! I have been a fan for about 4 years now, and its been so great meeting you. Thanks again for returning my letters! You are my #1 actress, and you should feel that way! I love you so much Summer!

Your loving fan,

Kes Rushing

By Spirala
Jun 26, 2013

Dear Ms Summer Glau,

You know how you get a little jump in the stomach every time you see someone that you feel a lot about? Well, that is the effect you have on me every time I see you on the screen.

I can’t decide if I am in love with Cameron or Summer, but either way, I hope you have a great birthday. Thanks also for all the great work you do for so many good causes: just another reason to adore you I guess.

Lots of love, Spirala

By Gargaros
Jun 27, 2013

Happy birthday, Goddes. Sorry for may delay :(

By tommy christian
Jun 27, 2013

happy birthday summer hope you have the best time ever,,.you biggest fan

By Brian_R
Jun 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer (the San Antonio Rose) :)

Wishing you much happiness as you spend your birthday with family and friends.
Be sure to have lots of cake, ice cream and pie, oh and maybe pancakes for breakfast. 😉

Thank you for the sharing of your talents on the big and small screen, at the “cons” and charity events but mostly, thank you Summer for being you. As I have always said, “you’re a class act. 😀

Hugs and Love,
From eastern Canada

By Jacco Kloek
Jun 28, 2013

Dear Summer !! I wish you a happy and blessed 32nd Birthday. Celebrate it with all the people you love !! A gorgeous and down to earth woman like you deserves a great party !! Hope to see a lot more of you in the near future. Have a great day !!

Lot’s of love from your Dutch fan !!
Jacco Kloek

By Sam
Jun 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Summer!
I hope you’ve heard about the new Terminator Reboot. I hope you get my birthday wish for you… A phone call to you from the producers of the movie.

Wishing you the Very Best!


By Patrick Kinney
Jun 30, 2013

Happy birthday Summer ,
I wish you all the best

By John
Jul 2, 2013

Happy birthday on the 24′.

Well, I guess I’m a fan as well :-). I didn’t really think I ever wanted to write something like this, but I was wrong! I am a rather grown up man (over 50), but my head still function well – at least I suppose/hope so :-). All my life I have been loving sci-fi, just absorbing it all at maximum speed and with a very open mind. When I started to watch Firefly, followed by Serenity, I really was impressed by your definition and performance in the role you were playing. I am now watching Sarah Connor Chronicles (again), and it is very enjoyable. Your role couldn’t possibly be done any better at all – by any actress – in either Firefly, Serenity or Sarah Connor Chronicles. Your performance is definitively setting the standard. And I do not think I will ever watch an actress being even close to your performances. It’s very easy to notice your ability to indicate moods, you are definitely a very earthy and dynamic person. And you definitely show signs of very good humor :-)
Your role and your definition ot the role – is a key – and carries the story in Firefly, Serenity and SCC. You are really made of stardust. But you have probably heard this before :-).
I do hope my English wasn’t too bad, and I also cannot expect you ever will read this – but I am impressed and want to see more of you in sci-fi :-)

You are definitely one of my heroes. Greeting from Norway!


Jul 3, 2013

As Ms. Glau’s Birthday approaches, I’m truly thankful for the artistry that she shares with all of us, and I hope that this new year for her will be filled with opportunity, success, and riches, because no one deserves it more than the talented and amazing Ms. Summer Glau. Happy Birthday Ms. Glau, I will be the one cheering the loudest when you make your debuts on either The S.H.E.I.L.D. Series or The Avengers 2!

By Gregg
Jul 4, 2013

Happy B-day Summer. Hope your Birthday is your best one yet. I love your smile and your acting. I have seen everything you have ever been in, including the Hallmark movies and Lifetime ones and for me being a guy was a little rough, but you where amazing in all of them. I hope you have a long and wonderful career and get everything you want in life.
I wish you a Happy Birthday!
A big fan of yours

By D. Andrew
Jul 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer from Ottawa,

Sorry that you couldn’t make it to Ottawa Comic Con back in May, but hope that you may come back in the future.

I’ll keep it short, as you may have many of these to read. Not sure if you do get to read each one as there are probably too many. If you do get to read this, however, just know that even though I have never met you, and do not know much about you personally except what you show on TV, just know that as a fan, I hope you have all the best on your birthday. It should be a day that you get all the things you want.

All the best from Ottawa, Canada :)

D. Andrew

By Doug I.
Jul 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer,

Hope all your wishes come true.

By Andrei
Jul 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer wish you a long sweet life full of happiness and fulfillments.
God bles you because of your kind heart and pure soul I admire you so much cuz there is no one like you.
Hope all your wishes come true.

Your fan always from Romania
P.S La multi anii !!! (That means in my leanguage Happy birthday)

By José Gabriel Agüero
Jul 8, 2013

Happy birthday Summer from Argentine!
I love you. all my heart.
Hope all your wishes come true

By Daniel Györe
Jul 8, 2013

Dear Summer,

for your birthday I wish you all the best, good health and every success for your projects. Stay as you are.
Best wishes from Daniel from Germany.

By K.W. Wilson
Jul 9, 2013

Here’s wishing you a very happy and brilliant Birthday Summer!

By Brian
Jul 10, 2013

Happy Birthday wishes to you, Summer! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I’ll see you at Comic Con in Chicago next month.

Best wishes from Wisconsin,


By Ian Thompson
Jul 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer!
Hope you have a great day and a fabulous year to follow. May you always be blessed with health, happiness and good fortune.
And congrats on your new role in the Arrow. I’m sure you’ll shine in that role as you have in all your others.

Best Wishes,


By Michael
Jul 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer, I hope you have an amazing day! You are truly one of the most kindest person I have ever met. Thank you so much for coming to Seattle and always remember that you’ll always have your fans to support you. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

By Marcellusr
Jul 13, 2013

All the best for you. A lot of success, health and happiness. You seem to be so sweet!

By Jacek
Jul 14, 2013

Dear Summer !
I would like to wish you Happy Birthday !
I wish you all the best for this special day. Let all your dreams come true.
You are so cute person and so talented actress. You have brought so much joy in my life…
I will always support you as a fan and I will always be thankful to you for playing Cameron.
With love,
Jacek from Poland

By PaulT
Jul 15, 2013

Happy birthday Summer!

By cameron halvorsen
Jul 16, 2013

Happy birthday Summer!
Wishing you all the best, you deserve it!
Looking forward to seeing you bring some more awesome into “Arrow”!

Best wishes,


By Jeff
Jul 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer, Hope it is fill with fun, happiness, and family. Mine would have past 2 days before yours, 22nd of July, and i will be 35, but who is counting.

All the best


By Anderson Victorio Macedo
Jul 17, 2013

Summer Happy Birthday
For the actress most talented, beautiful and sweet with a bright smile and a face of an angel
I wish you all the best and God will continue lighting your way and still gracing us with his new work …
From one of your biggest fans …

From Brazil …!

By Cindy
Jul 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer. Many happy wishes for the next year.

By Lucas Holanda
Jul 18, 2013

Confess that today I can not fully express my joy, simply because they know that this date so wonderful you’re much happier. May God enlighten all the days of your life, bless her birthday!

The Brazil loves you …..

By Rafael Luz
Jul 18, 2013

As splendid as this day I can not give you all the diamonds of the universe, then desire that the Creator of the wonders all the time walk alongside you, Happy Birthday!

By Daniel Kepley
Jul 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer! And all the best with ARROW and whatever comes your way!

By Michael
Jul 19, 2013

May your year to come be filled with an air of joie de vivre.

By Kyle
Jul 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Summer!

I look forward to all your future projects. Hope you enjoyed your last couple of visits to Australia and we will get to see you again down under. Take care. :)

Best wishes,
Kyle (from Perth and Gold Coast)

By formytots0128
Jul 19, 2013

On this day, July 24, 1981, God blessed the world with an angel in the form of Summer Glau. She was given amazing physical and mental talents specially suited for entertainment by dancing and acting. She honed these talents through diligence, hard work, and sacrifice to become a prima ballerina. God sent special people in her life to help open the doors for better opportunities and to complement her dancing abilities by becoming an actress. She is truly breathtaking to watch on screen as she breathes life to all of the characters that she brilliantly portrays. We become emotionally attached to these characters as though they are real and remind us of our own humanity. Summer rocks !!!

On this day, July 24, 2013, we all wish you Summer a very, very happy 32nd birthday. May all of your birthday wishes do come true. Enjoy this special day with your family and friends. We thank you so much for all of the effort to keep your fans happy and for all of your charitable contributions. As the saying goes, “An open hand makes it possible to give and receive God’s blessing”. You are blessed with so many other fine qualities that truly makes you a special human being. We are so looking forward to many more of your performances in the near future. Just remember that us fans will always love and support you Summer. Have a great day. :)

Take care and God bless,

By CloudyShadows
Jul 20, 2013

Dear Summer,
Happy Birthday! 😀
I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends, and may all your birthday wishes come true.
I look forward to seeing your upcoming projects, and hope you get the chance to visit Australia again in the future.

All the best and take care,
Johnson (Adelaide, Australia)

By tony_80
Jul 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer! Wishing you all the best in the year to come.

By Martin
Jul 21, 2013

Hello dear Summer!

I wish you a wonderful birthday with your family and friends. God bless you, stay healthy and may all your wishes come true. If many more people would be like you the world would be a much more better place. Wish you all the best for Arrow Season 2 and your future projects.

Thank you, for performing all the great characters you had, especially for Cameron/Allison.

You need to come back to a convention here in germany or europe more often.

Happy birthday Summer from Martin in Germany.

By Peter
Jul 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer!

I hope you have an amazing birthday with your family and friends.
You are so beautiful and talented actress! I would like to congratulate your new role in the Arrow! I hope we are going to meet one day.

I love you!

Peter from Hungary

By miksamkhin
Jul 21, 2013

Hi Summer.
I learned about more than 5 years ago, and since then for me you are the most talented actress and beautiful person.
Each your new role, the new character amazes me to the core. You are beautiful both on screen and in life.
Good luck with all of your plans and beginnings.
May you are always surrounded by joy, fun, and people who love you.

We all love and support you Summer, and looking forward to seeing you in your next projects.

By Kristen
Jul 22, 2013

Wishes for you to have a Happy Birthsday, dear Summer, hope you will have a wonderfull day with friends and familly, and many gifts :-)

keep up the greath work you do, with any present or future projects as you have done in the past.

may you find happiness and joy, in wherever you are, or whatever project you do, that is my wish for you, friendly greetings from Kristen from Denmark

p.s cannot wait to see you in the Arrow series :-) and hope we will soon be able to see you in Knights of Badassdom :-)

By Masood
Jul 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and most talented actress in the world!!!

Wish you all the best summer!!!
Lots of love

By Anthony
Jul 23, 2013

Hello Summer

I wish you a happy birthday !

By Dave_E
Jul 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Summer, with lots of love from the UK.

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