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The team of Inside the box has released new production still from the movie, including some with Summer as Sofia.

On a side note. The producers are in the final stage of finishing the movie but need about $5000 to finish the color correction making the copy and sending it to film festivals. So if you want you can still donate. Check out the support page or contact them directly by mail through .

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By Juan M
Mar 26, 2013

I like the one with the baby and the one at the door…
So, it will be out soon. I’m very curious to see finally Summer in Sofia’s roll.

By Kevin Wales
Mar 27, 2013

I’d much rather see this than having to satisfy Firefly fans by having a punch-up in a swimming pool.

By jr
Mar 27, 2013

Thx for the stills. Eager to see this

By Thierry
Mar 27, 2013

Maybe the best news is that the production team has almost reached its financial goal… “only” $ 5000 would be okay to get.

By John A
Mar 27, 2013

Definitely seems like a new direction for her, professionally. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be type-cast. Hopefully the Firefly fans can accept that she’s a momma, not psychic and probably doesn’t hug the ceiling at any point. And hopefully the SCC fans won’t wonder when her eyes will start glowing…

(At least it’s not like the situation where Grace Park’s Hawaiian fans think she’s her H5O character…though they might not appreciate how blunt she was about it in that interview.)

Personally I’m glad ‘Sofia’ is portrayed with her husband. Otherwise the hot-n-heavy stuff might only freak out her established fans. Maybe she want’s to shake things up.

By James
Mar 28, 2013

I bought the signed script this week. Now I’m excitedly waiting for it to come in the mail! 😀

By Brian_R
Mar 30, 2013

Thanks for the stills Norman. I’m glad to see Summer take on a more “human” role. As much as I like seeing Summer in the Sci-Fi genre, I believe her full potential shines in “real life” portrayal characters. There really aren’t alot of Sci-fi TV series or films these days that Summer could audition for.. So for me it’s refreshing to see Summer broaden her acting career. Knowing Summer and the kind of woman she is, she would never take a “sleazy” part for TV or film. Summer’s a class act all the way.

By Cegorach
Apr 5, 2013

Definetely., she needs something from a different genre. Appropriate for older person she is now. Hopefully it will open more options for her to grow as an actress. Fans of Firefly and TSCC should grow too.
Looking forward to watch her in this short film.

By Cegorach
Apr 18, 2013

Hope that crowdfunding is going well and the movie will be ready soon.
If they’ll need support in May maybe you could add an update Norman?

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