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I know this isn’t really a Summer Glau-related news, please forgive me, but I just wanted to share this awesome news with you guys:


Yes, you read that right. I wrote a damn book, and it just came out in print. It’s a new-adult crima drama, and the first instalment in a private detective series set in modern-day London.

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You can read the first two chapters for free on my website, or buy the paperback book via CreateSpace, Amazon, or the eBook version via Smashwords or Kindle. (You can find the complete list of retailers on my website.)

Please share the news as much as you can. Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends…
And if you read it, remember to let me know what you thought of it: leave a review.

Thanks, have a nice day dear friends!


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By The1Russter
Mar 13, 2013

Congratulations on getting published. I hope your novel will be a big success! :)

By formytots0128
Mar 13, 2013

Congratulations on the release of your new book, Cristelle. !!! I want a signed copy. :)

I wish you the best and continued success in turning this novel into many more stories to come. It’s a lot of hard work but well worth the effort. Perhaps there is a biographical book about Summer in your future writings. :)

By CloudyShadows
Mar 14, 2013

Congratulations Cristelle on getting your novel published!

It was quite a pleasant surprise reading your post as I never knew your were a writer. It must be a big relief to finally have it published :)

I wish you all the best with your novel and success for the series 😀

(P.S. if it ever gets picked up as a TV series or movie, I believe many if us here have a particular actress in mind to play the lead role ;P)

By jr
Mar 14, 2013

Congrats! I hope a lot of people order it

By Alex
Mar 15, 2013

Congratulations! You have my best wishes for success.

By Ryan Ingerick
Mar 15, 2013

Purchasing it through my Kindle as I type. Typing one handed in fact.

By Paul
Mar 16, 2013

Congratulations! I wish you many sales and good reviews :)

By friskywildthing
Mar 20, 2013

Yaaay, Cristelle!
*does happy dance*
Congratulations on getting published. I bet you’ll do well.

By Tariqza
Apr 3, 2013

Congrats Christelle
Well done on the (not so small) achievement.

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