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According to Joan Allen, Summer might consider creating her own official Twitter account. So far nothing is settled. But we will keep you updated and let you know if Summer is joining twitter. So far there are no official Twitter or Facebook accounts of her.

Auteur : Norman 20.11.2013 (15) Commentaires

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By KBBK1337
Nov 20, 2013

Can you guys relay to Summer that @waltpsu is holding @SummerGlau for her? She can contact to reclaim it.

By The1Russter
Nov 20, 2013

There are tons of Summer Glau fans who are dying to read her tweets or exchange tweets with her. Many do not realize she isn’t on twitter already.

There are lots of fakes out there. Myself and Chris Dvanne over at the Summer Glau wiki have done our best to expose the fakes. I hope that when Summer does choose to join twitter that it will put an end to some of these fakes.

For both herself and everyone else, I’ve created a page at the wiki that lists all the fake accounts.

The list is a year old, so there could be some changes since it was created.

I look forward to the day when Summer does join twitter. I hope Twitter will be ready as well as I can picture a whole bunch of servers crashing as they try to handle all the tweets going out to her all at once. :)

By James
Nov 20, 2013

I guess she’s finally giving in to the constant hounding…

By Mart
Nov 20, 2013

Summer has a massive fan base, the amount of questions from fans that would get thrown her way………good luck Summer :) , if she joins great but we all know what happened last time she joined a social site, she got hacked. Just make sure Norman to pass along that a password should be at least 12 characters, have capital letters as well as lowercase and at least 4 digits……..makes it hard for hackers.

By Mart
Nov 20, 2013

Good :)

By Matt M.
Nov 20, 2013

I think she should go for it. Not only will she establish a better connection to her fan base, but also keep her followers posted on stuff she’s working on as well as any future appearances she may make (whether it would be on TV or in a public setting). If she actually does move forward with going on Twitter, that would be great!

By James
Nov 21, 2013

I don’t mean to be rude, Matt, but isn’t that exactly what does?

By antisalt
Nov 21, 2013

I hope she stays away from the social media. Twitter is the work of the devil. :)

It seems to cause more trouble than connect with fans for celebs.

@waltpsu, that’s very nice of you.

By Brian_R
Nov 21, 2013

I have mixed feelings about Summer having a Twitter account. I think if she could be reached through a friend(s) twitter account that would be great and adds a “filter”.

For Summer herself to have an account would be great for fans, but also invites Summer “haters” to contact her; this is NOT good. :( Summer wouldn’t have the time nor resources to filter out all the “bad”, so perhaps communicating though a friend twitter account would be best.

I’m sure as Summer “wiki” webmasters can attest, it’s hard to weed out, and ban Summer “haters” from “wikis” and “forums”.

I’m sure Summer will find some “safe” way to communicate with her fans and us with her.. :)

By Thomas
Nov 21, 2013

Hey guys.

Even if Summer does decide to join Twitter or not: let’s remember that this is a place to support her decisions.
We are her fans. And should support her. Yes there is a downside and upside when it comes to social media. But in the long run the choice belongs to Summer…and we should be happy for her.

By Kes
Nov 24, 2013

I’m for the idea, and id LOVE to talk to summer on Twitter, but i don’t really like it and i promised myself i wouldnt make an account, but it’s her decision! I still fully support you Summer! :)

By Mart
Nov 24, 2013

Lets hope she doesn’t get hacked and scared away if she does join.

By Matt M.
Nov 25, 2013

@ James
Sure, this fansite keeps us up to date with any news about Summer in terms of roles and appearances. But I think it would be neat to hear this type of news directly from her via Twitter.

Dec 1, 2013

this sounds good but Twitter has the most spam of any social media. but if she decides to go ahead with it, it’ll be great!

By Deaghaidh
Dec 5, 2013

Summer doesn’t seem like the type to get herself in trouble with inappropriate tweets, so maybe this will end well.

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