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The episode of Grey’s Anatomy with Summer as guest star should air on February 23 at 9/8 C on ABC and is called “If only you were Lonely“. We hope to have a trailer and a couple more infos soon. So stay tuned.

Source: SpoilerTV

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According to TVGuide Summer will play a nurse in episode 16 of season 8 which should air sometime in February. We hope that we will get a few more infos soon.

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We have good news. The official facebook page of The Legend of Hell’s Gate just announced the DVD and Bluray release date. Both of them will be released in June by Lionsgate nationwide.

There is also an on demand release starting February 1st with selected providers, the rest will follow in March. A theatrical release is planned for selected cities and towns in the southern part of the U.S. in March as well.

Thanks to James for the tip.

LOHG NEWS: Hello, an update on release and distribution for “The Legend of Hell’s Gate”.
– Through Phase 4 Films and Lightning Entertainment, the film will be released February 1st On Demand with select cable providers. Will be released On Demand beginning in March to most other forms of cable and satellite television providers and also in March, a limited theatrical release in select cities and towns in the southern part of the U.S. The OFFICIAL poster and NEW trailer will also drop in March, followed by the LIONSGATE DVD/Blu Ray release of the film nationwide in June. ICAP Media is distributing the film in all foreign markets beginning Jan. 2012.
Thanks for your support!

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Here are the screencaps for ‘The Legend of Hell’s Gate : An American Conspiracy’. Unfortunately there are not so many scenes with Summer and the quality of the caps is not the best, but hopefully you will enjoy it. For those who had the chance to watch it, what do you think about the movie and Summer’s role ?

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Because of the recent events, we want to inform all people who attended the online screening and could not watch the movie.

The website never mentioned it, but it was only available for people who live in America of Canada. If you could not watch the movie please write a mail to with your account and you will get a refund.

We know that a lot of people outside the US and Canada attended and are disappointed. But I’m sure you will have another opportunity to watch the movie.

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Summer will be guest starring in at least one episode of the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.This was announced today by creator, executive producer and writer Shonda Rihimes on twitter. Currently there are no information about her character or the plot of this episode, but details should follow soon.

Love table read days! We have Summer Glau as a guest star!

by @shondarhimes

Update: It is possible that the episode could be airing some time in February. According to ABC it will be Episode 16 of Season 8.

Source: TVLine , TVGuide, Zap2It

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You have the chance to watch ‘The Legend of Hell’s Gate’ before its release.

There will be an online screening hosted by Jenna Dewan-Tatum on
January 27th, 2012
3.00 am CET (Central European Time) (Should be 9.00 pm EST)

Jenna plays the character of Katherine Prescott in the movie.

You can purchase tickets for $4,99, just follow the link.

Auteur : Norman 23.01.2012 (12) Commentaires has learned that Phase 4 Films and Lightning Entertainment have picked up all rights to director Tanner Beard’s The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy. Starring Eric Balfour, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jenna Dewan, Summer Glau and Henry Thomas, the Western is based on how Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas came to have its name. Produced by Suzanne Weinert and Jay Michaelson, Beard’s film premiered at the Dallas Film Festival last March.

The plans are to release the film using Phase 4’s ultra VOD model with plans for release On Demand and in theaters sometime during the Spring.


According to the official LOHG facebook page. The DVD release will be sometime in summer by Lionsgate.

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There are a couple pictures from a new photoshoot online. Actually its an old photoshoot from January 2011 from TV Guide for The Cape, but it was never used. So watch these stunning images of Summer. Enjoy :)

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Just uploaded magazine scans from People Style Watch and from Entertainment Weekly. The first one features Summer’s outfit that she wore at the Teen Choice awards back in 2008 and the other is about Cameron’s clothing style in TSCC. A huge thanks goes to our magazine expert James for sending them to us.

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