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Mar 29 New Fanmail Address 0
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If you want to send fan mail to Summer, here is a new official address that is effective immediately. Like always you need a self addressed stamped envelope or international reply coupons. The address is:

Summer Glau
3940 laurel canyon blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Please note that fan mail send to any other address will not be answered and it can not be guaranteed that mail send to the Schiff company will reach Summer.

Due to Summer’s schedule it still might take some time till you get an answer, but when you send fan mail to this address, she will get it. If you already send a letter to an old address, the best is to send it again to the new one.

Posted at 4:52 pm Author: Norman 0 Comments

Mar 6 TSCC Family Reunion 20
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Nope, that doesn’t mean there is a season 3, but Thomas posted a great image of him, Summer and Lena.

Posted at 4:16 am Author: Norman 20 Comments

Feb 4 February 4, 2002 0
Filed in: Summer

You might wonder what’s so special with today’s date? Well let’s see… what can you remember about 10 years ago?

Clue #1 Enrique Iglesias was on top of the charts with Hero.
Clue #2 The first Lord of the Rings movie was playing in every theatre in the world.
Clue #3 David Boreanaz was kicking some serious demonic ass in L.A. !

Yep you guessed it right:
Angel‘s thirteenth’s episode of season 3 “Waiting in the Wings” first aired on TV in the USA on February 4th of 2002, and that was the first appearance of Summer Glau on television.

Posted at 12:01 am Author: Cristelle 0 Comments

Nov 11 Summer and Social Networking Sites 19
Filed in: Summer

We have received some messages lately from people who think Summer has a facebook or another social network profile. To make it clear. Summer has no facebook or any other social network account. Every profile or person who claims to be Summer is a fake.

Posted at 2:24 pm Author: Norman 19 Comments

Aug 16 Long Hot Summer – Making Of Video 7
Filed in: Gallery , Summer , Video

Here is the making of for Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” music video. It has a few scenes with Summer in it. Enjoy. :)

As always, images are up in the gallery.

[Access Gallery]

Posted at 4:46 pm Author: Norman 7 Comments

Aug 15 Keith Urban – Long Hot Summer : video clip featuring Summer 42
Filed in: Gallery , Summer , Video

Keith Urban’s just released his new music video “Long Hot Summer” featuring … Summer Glau.

She seems really perfect for this, what do you think of it?

Here are some great images from the video. Check out the gallery for more.

Posted at 12:42 pm Author: Cristelle 42 Comments

Aug 6 FHM Photoshoot – Video 39
Filed in: Gallery , Magazine , Summer , Video

Great news,

FHM has posted the video from the shooting they’ve done with Summer. Enjoy!
Hopefully more pictures from this shoot will soon be available.

Thanks Paul for the heads up!

Images from the video are up in the gallery

Posted at 4:16 am Author: Cristelle 39 Comments

Jun 15 Birthday Message for Summer 254
Filed in: Summer , Website

Ooops amidst all the thing I’m working on right now I seem to have forgotten to open a thread for you to leave messages for Summer’s bithday who will turn 30 on July 24.
Here it is… You are all welcome to leave her a nice message in the comment. I will forward her a link to this page on her BDay.

Posted at 11:40 pm Author: Cristelle 254 Comments

Jun 4 CookBook project – last days 11
Filed in: Summer , Website

Hey just a reminder… there’s only so many days left if you want to participate in our special project for Summer’s Birthday!!!
Come on people, get those recipes in…

Posted at 3:19 am Author: Cristelle 11 Comments

Mar 7 There’s No Such Thing As A Summer Glau Curse 24
Filed in: Article , Summer

I found this article from IO9 which sums up some of the roles Summer played over the time. Normally we don’t post articles, but I think its a good one that names some of the great performances of Summer and finally tells everyone out there, that there is no such thing as a Summer Glau curse (of course we know that already). Follow the link to the whole article.

[Article on IO9]

Posted at 6:31 pm Author: Norman 24 Comments


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