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Apr 1 Deadly Honeymoon: Trailer 26
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For all Europeans who can’t see it from, the trailer is up in the summerTUBE (with thanks to David).

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Apr 1 Deadly Honeymoon: Promotional Pictures 0
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I’m happy to tell you that there is a preview of “Deadly Honeymoon” on the LMT website. Unfortunately it seems to be that only people in the US can watch it.

Official Website

There are also 2 new production stills of Deadly Honeymoon in the gallery.

And don’t forget to mark April 25th on your calendar!

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Mar 16 Deadly Honeymoon 21
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Here are some news regarding Summer’s Lifetime movie Deadly Honeymoon. 
If I understand their website correctly it will air on Sunday 25 April @ 8pm with a re-run on Saturday 22 May @ 12 am.
Mark the dates on your calendars!!!



Starring: Summer Glau, Chris Carmack, Zoe McClellan

Deadly Honeymoon, follows two young Denver newlyweds, Lindsey (Summer Glau) and Trevor Forrest (Chris Carmack), as they embark on their honeymoon cruise from their picture-perfect wedding in Hawaii. What begins as a dream vacation devolves into a night of wild partying, infidelity and strange encounters with a group of passengers. The next morning the passengers awake to find Trevor missing, presumed to have fallen overboard to his death. But as the investigation proceeds, an FBI Investigator (Zoe McLellan) begins to question if Trevor’s death really was just an accident.

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Oct 30 More pics from Deadly Honeymoon 17
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I just uploaded over 20 more lovely pics of Summer on the set of Deadly Honeymoon in Hawaii, while they filmed the wedding scene.


[Access Gallery]

Courtesy of

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Oct 17 Deadly Honeymoon : more info + set pics 20
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I managed to find an interesting article on Summer’s new movie: Deadly Honeymoon.
Apparently the movie has a budget of $1 million and will be shot entierly in Hawaii in 18 days.
There even are a few BTS pics (none of Summer sadly).

[Read Article]

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Oct 3 First look at Deadly Honeymoon 42
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Here are a few pics taken on the set of Deadly Honeymoon.

The movie started shooting in Hawaii last week with the wedding scene.

[Access Gallery]

Posted at 6:08 am Author: Cristelle 42 Comments

Sep 28 NEW MOVIE: Deadly Honeymoon 50
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Summer Glau will star in movie inspired by true story

Lifetime Movie Network is embarking on “Deadly Honeymoon,” greenlighting an original movie starring “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” alumna Summer Glau.

Chris Carmack (“Drop Dead Diva”) and Zoe McLellan (“Dirty Sexy Money”) co-star in the film inspired by the real-life mysterious disappearance of groom George Allen Smith.

“Deadly Honeymoon” follows two young newlyweds, Lindsey (Glau) and Trevor Forrest (Carmack), as they embark on their 10-day honeymoon cruise. But the dream vacation devolves into a night of wild partying, infidelity and strange encounters with a group of Eastern European passengers, and the next morning, Trevor is missing, presumed to have fallen overboard to his death. However, one investigator (McLellan) begins to question if his death really was an accident.

Paul Shapiro is directing from a script by Ron McGee Michael Jacobs, Fernando Szew, Ricardo Galindez and Roy Trice are executive producing. Filming is slated to begin in October for a 2010 premiere.


Posted at 11:51 pm Author: Cristelle 50 Comments


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