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Jul 12 First images of Summer from LFCC 0
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The first images of Summer from her trip to Europe have arrived. Check out the lovely images of her taken at the London Film and Comic Con below. More will be updated later.


Tomorrow is her last day, so make sure to visit her booth if you want to meet her. Don’t forget that her queue tends to get very long, so make sure to go visit her booth ASAP (You better make sure to get to the convention center around 7:00). As always, if you want to share your images or stories, don’t hesitate to send an email or post it in the comments below.

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Jul 10 LFCC: Summer’s schedule changed 0
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Summer will not be able to attend the preview night of the convention:

Due to a flight reschedule Summer Glau will not be able to appear on the Friday preview night, but will be at the event over the weekend.

Anyone with Friday photo shoot tickets will either be able to use them on Saturday or Sunday, or can bring them to the sales desk for a refund.

The organizers have also added the schedule with photo op and talk times. You can find the one for Saturday here and the one for Sunday here. Photo times are Saturday 9:30 to 10:15 and 14:05 to 14:50. Sunday 9:30 to 9:55 and 16:20 to 16:45. It looks like she will not have a talk. Note that the schedule might change.

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Jul 10 First look on Crackle’s Sequestered 2
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A lot of new information on Summer’s new show Sequestered have been released. We now know that Summer will play the role of Anna, a juror that has to make life threatening decisions by choosing between her believes and the safety of her family while deliberating the fate of a potentially innocent man.

From Yahoo:

The 12-episode series follows a group of jurors confined to a hotel while deliberating a huge court case with life-changing implications. Judging by the poster, the jurors develop contentious relationships — hardly anybody is looking directly at anyone else, and there are side-eye glares to spare.

“The premise for Sequestered is pretty unique; it’s not quite like any other TV show I’ve seen,” Bradford told Yahoo TV. “We tried to make each moment fast-paced and exhilarating. I’m curious to see if we get the same reaction from audiences that I had while reading the script. I’m glad to be a member of the Crackle family; we’re very lucky to have assembled such a talented cast and crew.”

The show will premiere on Crackle on August 5. They will split the season and show the first 6 episodes. The rest will be shown on Crackle starting October 14.

Official Description:

Danny Firmin (Bradford), a young attorney with a promising career, begins to uncover a major conspiracy behind his big case defending the alleged murderer of Governor Mark Bennett’s (Warburton) 8-year-old son. Sequestered juror Anna (Glau) is forced to choose between her beliefs and the safety of her family while deliberating the fate of a potentially innocent man. Surprising alliances form, sparking tensions and testing morals as Anna puts her life on the line to expose the conspiracy and find true justice for all involved.

It’s completely different from anything Summer has done before and it Sounds extremely interesting, so if you have the chance to see it you better don’t miss it.

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Jul 9 New auction item from The Cape for charity 0
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It’s been a while since the last one but a new auction item from The Cape is available. The item itself are the earrings that Summer wore as Orwell in episode titled Dice. Please note that the item was purchased in the passed and the seller wants to auctioned it off for a good cause again.

Item: earrings
Brand: Nadrid
Color: Crystal silver
price: $58

The item will be auctioned off for a good cause,the local Can’t Stop The Serenity event that benefits Equality Now and Kids Need to Read.

[Auction on eBay ]

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Jul 5 More images of Summer from Fantasy Con 3
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Last day at this years Fantasy con in Salt Lake City has ended and so Summer’s trip to Utah. We have uploaded a couple images of Summer from her second and last day at the convention. Check them out below and head over to the gallery for more.

Summer posing with a fanSummer posing with fansSummer posing with a fanSummer at her booth

[Fantasy Con]

Pictures courtesy of: @chalese | Scott Reynolds | nobilitytheseries | Emily J

We hope that everyone who attended the convention had the chance to meet Summer and that all of you had an amazing time. It looks like Summer enjoyed her trip to Salt Lake City and had a lot of fun meeting all of you. Last but not least, if you want to share some of your images or stories, feel free to send us an email or post it in the comments below.

Don’t forget that Summer will be in London next week for the London Film and Comic Con.

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Jul 4 First images of Summer from the Fantasy con 2
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It’s convention time and so the first images of Summer from her first day at the Fantasy con have been uploaded. You can check out some of the lovely images below and find the rest in the gallery. More images will be uploaded when they arrive.

Summer posing with fans at Fantasy ConSummer posing with a fan at Fantasy conSummer at her panel at Fantasy conSummer at her panelSummer at her panelSummer at her panelSummer at her panel at Fantasy ConSummer at her panel at Fantasy ConSummer at her panel at Fantasy ConSummer at her panel at Fantasy con

[Fantasy Con]

Pictures courtesy of: @pineapplegoddess17 | Brian Wesley | Scott Burston | Fantasy Con | DragonWingPhotography

A few panel impressions:

SummerGlau who wants to do Jane Austin style acting someday. by @michelebates34
SummerGlau who loved playing River from #Firefly because it changed her life. @michelebates34
SummerGlau who mentions if your going through hard times to first be gentle and kind to yourself. @michelebates34
“You don’t improvise with Joss’ s words because Joss’ s words are perfect.” by @RDG10

It’s Summer’s first time at a Fantasy con and it looks like she is having a great time meeting all of you. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as she does. :) Don’t forget her panel today at 3:00 pm in the main ballroom.. If you haven’t seen her yet, you better visit her booth asap. :) Tomorrow will be her last day, so make sure to visit her.

We wish everyone a wonderful time and would be happy if you want to share some of your images or stories from the con. :)

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Jul 3 Last minute changes at the Fantasy Con 0
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Even though the convention has already started, Summer will make her first appearance tomorrow. We just want to let you know that it looks like the organizer have made a few last minute changes on Summer’s schedule. According to the official website, Summer will now have only one panel that will start at 3:00 pm tomorrow in the main ballroom. So don’t miss it! The photo ops times are still the same, Friday 2.00 pm and Saturday 1.00 pm at the Photo Booth 3 (Drifter Woods).

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Jul 2 Slayer-A-Thon thank you video with Summer 0
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Back in 2013 at the Chicago Comic Con, Summer contributed to the Slay-A-thon thank you video by sending a thank you message to the people. Check out the video and her lovely message below, you can see her at ~2.03 min.

About the foundation:

Slay-A-Thon is a fan based benefit for The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. Fans of Whedonverse programming attend an all day event. During this event there are silent and live auctions for the charity.
Attendees get sponsors for the event and bring in donations as a result.
The event started in 2003 and continues every year to grant wishes with the power of Buffy and the Whedonverse!
Attend next year’s Slay-A-Thon and be a part of the legacy of love from Buffy & Angel fans to make a child’s wish come true!

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Jun 22 Fantasy Con photo op tickets on sale 0
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The photo op tickets for the Fantasy Con are now on sale. You can get a photo with Summer either on Friday or Saturday for $60. For more info and to purchase the tickets head over to the official website. Summer will be attending the convention on Friday and Saturday only.

Update: Summer’s photo op times are Friday from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm and Saturday from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. You can find her in the Photo Booth C (Drifter Woods).

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Jun 22 Summer working on a new project ? 2
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Good news. It looks like Summer is working on a new project with actor David Arquette. We don’t know what it is, but it looks like it involves Terminators. At least she and David are standing in front of a very big robot in what looks like a gallery or exhibition. :) Check out the image below.

Summer and David Arquette

Update: It might be a pilot for a new show called “Jeff 1000″ (might be the title of the pilot). There are a few on set images which you can find here.

Please note that so far there are no official news about the kind of project they are working on, if it actually is a new project.

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