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Aug 4 Summer will voice act River Tam in Firefly game 0
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According to the official website of the new Firefly online game, Summer is definitely going to voice River soon.

[...]Nathan, Alan, Adam, Sean and Ron have already recorded their parts, and Morena, Jewel and Summer are on the schedule and will be in studio soon. And we’re currently working with Gina to find a time for her to record. [...]

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Jul 30 Sequestered – titles for the first 6 episodes 8
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The episode titles for the first 6 episodes have been released. They are :

  • 1×01 : Twelve Strangers
  • 1×02 : Folding Laundry
  • 1×03 : Proof of Life
  • 1×04 : 1 More
  • 1×05 : What’s In The Box?
  • 1×06 : All In

The remaining episodes will start to air October 14.

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Jul 29 Sequestered preview for XBox and Windows Users today 2
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Sequestered posterIf you live in the USA and have an XBox or Windows 8 or Winwdows phone, you have the chance to watch the pilot of Sequestered today, while the rest has to wait till August 5. If you want to watch it on your phone or windows 8, you need to download the Crackle app first. You can find the Windows Phone version here, and the Windows version here.

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Jul 25 More behind the scenes images from Sequestered 1
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A couple more behind the scenes images from the shooting of Sequestered have popped up courtesy of Chris G TV, Inc.. Some of them are a bit blurry but better than nothing. :) Check a few of them out below.

Summer on the set of SequesteredSummer on the set of SequesteredSummer on the set of Sequestered

[Sequestered behind the scenes images]

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Jul 25 Firefly cast reunion for new online game 0
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The San Diego comic con has started and a new Firefly games was announced yesterday at the panel for the game. According to io9 the entire cast wil reprise their roles by lending their voices. So far we don’t know if Summer will comeback to voice her character. We will keep you updated on anything new. You can find a short video below:

Firefly Online (FFO) is an online strategic roleplaying game set in the universe of Joss Whedon’s cult classic TV show – Firefly.

Players take on the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and lead missions, while trading with and competing against millions of other players like themselves. Much like the crew of Serenity, the Firefly-class transport ship featured in the original show, players must do whatever it takes to survive in the Verse: find a crew, find a job and keep flying.

Currently in development for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. For more info or to register go to

You can find more infos on the official website.

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Jul 24 Happy Birthday Summer!!! 21
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Happy Birthday Summer!!!


Our favorite actress just turned 33 today, so let’s all wish her the best of birthdays and another year of joy, fun and laughter…

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Jul 23 Video of Summer’s panel at Fantasy Con 2
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The video of Summer’s panel that took place at the Fantasy Con in Salt Lake city earlier this year has been published. You can check it out below and hear what Summer has to say about the sources of her inspirations, preparations for her roles, the importance of her fiance and her family and more.

We have added captures from the video which you can find in the gallery.

Summer at her panel at Fantasy ConSummer at her panel at Fantasy ConSummer at her panel at Fantasy Con

[Fantasy Con Panel Caps]

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Jul 23 New behind the scenes images from Sequestered 3
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Crackle has posted a behind the scenes images from the making of the poster for Sequestered. Check it out below. Just less than two weeks till the show premiers, is everyone excited?

Sequested poster making of

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Jul 20 Summer wins ‘best actress’ award for ‘Inside the box’ 4
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Summer has won the award for “best actress” for her performance in Inside the box at the 26th Spanish “L’Alfàs del Pi” film festival. For the jury, her performance was the most prominent among all the 25 short films that participated this year. Huge congratulations to Summer for this achievement!


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Jul 18 First trailer for Sequestered starring Summer 9
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Wonderful news! The first trailer for Summer’s new show Sequestered has been released. It introduces you to the main characters including Summer as jury member Anna and gives you a few insights on whats going to happen when the show premiers August 5. So check it out below! (The trailer might not be available in all countries). If you can’t see the video, follow this link.

Here are a few caps from the trailer. The rest is up in the gallery.

Summer as Anna in SequesteredSummer as Anna in SequesteredSummer as Anna in SequesteredSummer as Anna in Sequestered

[Sequestered Trailer Caps]

From TVGuide:

The jury’s in on Crackle’s new legal thriller Sequestered, which stars Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as a juror forced to choose between her beliefs and the safety of her family.

The show also stars Jesse Bradford (Bring It On) as an attorney who discovers a big conspiracy as he defends a man accused of murdering the 8-year-old son of a state governor (Patrick Warburton). Shawn Ku (Beautiful Boy) and Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) are the directors. Six episodes will premiere on Aug. 5, followed by another six episodes on Oct. 14.

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