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Hey everyone, we have added a few promo stills from Summer’s web new series Jeff 1000. You can check them out below. :)

Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000
Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000

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Besides the first three episodes, Wired has also released some behind the scenes footage from the show. The videos are really unique and funny and its definitely an interesting approach on how to make behind the scenes footage. So you should check it out.

Behind the Scenes of Summer Glau’s New Robot Series

“Alphas” co-creator Michael Karnow is behind the new series “Jeff 1000,” which stars Summer Glau and David Arquette. Go behind the scenes and see what it’s really like to work with a robot-turned actor.

Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000

[Behind the scenes footage caps]


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The first three episodes of Summer’s short web series Jeff 1000 have been released and looks really hilarious. So what are you waiting for. :) You can find caps and clips of each episode below.

Episode 1: Meet Jeff: 10′ Tall Robot & Hollywood Actor

Summer Glau has to attend her ex-boyfriend’s art gallery opening and who better to accompany her than a ten-foot tall robot? Jeff agrees to go and is tasked with one job, but things go haywire when he meets the ex—David Arquette.

Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000Summer in Jeff 1000

[Episode 1 Caps]


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Wired has just released the clips from Summer’s short web series Jeff 1000. You can check them out on their official YouTube site. Just follow the link.

[Wired YouTube Channel]

We will add caps from each clip later.

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Awesome news! The wired magazine has finally revealed more about Summer’s new show Jeff 1000. In fact, they have just release a short trailer and put up an interview with Summer.

Jeff 1000 is about a robot who leaves his factory job to go to Hollywood and become an actor. Yep you heard right. :) Sounds like a funny show. But it’s not just a comedy. According to Summer, there is more about Jeff and it will also be a bit mysterious.

“These digital shorts that we did kind of put Jeff and I into different scenarios that actors might be in every day,” says Glau. “On set, off set, learning lines, talking about our careers. I found it really, really funny.”

Got curious? If you want to know more about it, check out the interview with Summer. Jeff 1000 will premiere online on December 15. It looks like a really fun show so check out a short clip below and follow the link to the interview.

You can check out a few caps from the trailer below and more in the gallery.

Summer on her new show Jeff 1000 Summer on her new show Jeff 1000 Interview with Summer about her show Jeff 1000

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An outtake from the GQ photo shoot from 2008 has popped up online. Check out this awesome image below. :)

GQ photo shoot with Summer

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Wonderful news everyone. Joan Allen has posted a photo (probably BTS) with Summer from her new photo shoot titled “celebration of marriage and maternity”. Looks like its done. So hopefully we will get to see more lovely pictures soon. But for the time being, check out this amazing photo below. :)

Summer and Joan Allen


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We have good news for everyone who is waiting for a new photoshoot with Summer. Photographer and friend of Summer Joan Allen announced that a new photoshoot has been scheduled.

We don’t know when its going to happen and what type of shoot it will be, but will keep you posted on anything new. The last photoshoot by Joan was back in 2010. So we can’t wait to see a new one.

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One of the dresses that Summer wore on Serenity will be auctioned off, starting November 8. It’s a dress that she wore throughout the movie in various scenes. Check out the details below.

Summer's dress in SerenitySummer's dress in SerenitySummer's dress in SerenitySummer's dress in Serenity

[Auction Site]

Universal Pictures 2005) This outfit was acquired by the production for use by Summer Glau as “River. The outfit consists of a burgundy tie-dyed dress, nude bra and a nude thong. Both the bra and thong have “River” written on the inside. Included with the outfit is a production used costume tag that details the entire outfit, change and scene numbers used. Minor wear from use is present.

Update: The item was sold for $8,850.

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The first season of Sequestered ends with this episode and Anna and Ryan are desperately searching for her sister. While it looks like everything is lost, the change of heart of one of the kidnappers might change everything. So that’s it for the first season. Check out caps from the last episode below and in the gallery.

Summer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in Sequestered

[Ashes to Ashes Caps]

Check out one of the 3 clips of the final episode below and head over to the video section for more.

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