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Aug 31 Raffle winner 3
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Edit: Sandro Sallins, you’re one of the winners but the email you registered with isn’t working. Can you contact me, please!


Well that’s it folks; the raffle’s over and the winners should have received an email from me (if you haven’t let me know!!!)

It thrills me to see that you were over 300 to enter, and from all over the world. Thanks for stopping by our website so often, and for supporting Summer’s career.

We’re sorry for those who didn’t win. BUT we still have some autographs in stock, and will hold another raffle around Christmas Time!!!

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Posted at 3:19 am Author: Cristelle 3 Comments

Aug 29 Autograph raffle reminder 3
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If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter our Exclusive Raffle. We’re giving away six lovely pictures signed by Summer. The contest ends on 31st August!!!

Posted at 11:49 am Author: Cristelle 3 Comments

Aug 2 Exclusive: Summer Glau Autograph Raffle 15
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Good news everyone,

Prior to meeting with Summer at LFCC we had lunch with her and she was kind enough to sign a batch of lovely pictures.
For those of you who couldn’t make it to the convention, here’s your chance to have your own autographed Summer Glau picture… 100% genuine, 100% free.


Sounds nice, so how can I participate?
Simple. Just enter your name and email address in the form below.

How long do I have to enter?
The raffle will run until the end of August. Then we will randomly choose 6 winners.

I live in the middle of a desert, can I still participate?
Sure! As long as you have a mail box somewhere on planet earth that the postman can find.

What’s with the blue ‘sample’ thing? Will it be on my autograph?
Of course not! That’s just to make sure people can’t sell reprints of our pictures on Ebay.
We promise you will get a top quality glossy A4 picture that has been signed in gold or silver.

If I win, which autograph will I get?
That will be a surprise! We’re sorry, but we can’t start playing favourites.

But what if I really wanted a picture from Serenity or Firefly?
We have that too, but we’re keeping it for another raffle… Come say hello to us again around Christmas Time.

Good luck everyone!!!

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Jul 17 Summer Glau and social medias 6
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Please note that Summer Glau isn’t on any form of social media. She is not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or any other social media website. Any account claiming to be Summer’s is a fake.

Please be careful with who you speak to on-line. Be safety conscious, don’t give out your personal details including your mobile number to strangers and please don’t ever agree to meet someone you don’t know. The person may not be who they seem and it will NEVER be Summer.

Posted at 1:33 pm Author: Cristelle 6 Comments

Jul 2 Reminder: Last days to wish Summer a Happy Birthday 0
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Summer’s birthday is just around the corner. Seeing as we will meet her next week at London Comic Con, we will give her your best wishes then.
It’s your last chance, if you want to write something…

Posted at 6:08 am Author: Cristelle 0 Comments

May 29 Video section temporarily down 0
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Sorry to report that our video section is momentarily down…
I’m in the middle of upgrading the various scripts uses and having troubles with that one. The gallery and main website’s upgrades however went smoothly :).

Hopefully the issue will be fixed shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.



Update: OK, looks like it’s a bit worse than I thought, and we’ll have to switch to another program. It may take us a day or two to have everything back on, sorry.

Posted at 10:21 am Author: Cristelle 0 Comments

Apr 21 2014 Birthday Messages 50
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Hey everyone, as you all know Summer will turn 33 on July 24… let’s all gather and wish her the best of Birthdays!!!

Like every year: you are all welcome to leave her a message on this page (click on the comment button to add yours) and on the 24th July, I will email all your comments directly to Summer!

Posted at 11:15 am Author: Cristelle 50 Comments

Apr 3 (ARROW SPOILER) Summer on set 5
Filed in: Arrow

Major spoiler ahead.

Some very recent pictures of Summer on the set of Arrow have surfaced, courtesy of Punkd Images.

As was revealed in episode 2×18 “Deathstroke”, Isabel Rochev is actually Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s daughter (aka Ravager). And now, we get a little glimpse at her villain costume!

Summer in villain costume Summer in villain costume

Posted at 12:55 pm Author: Cristelle 5 Comments

Feb 26 KOB available on 3
Filed in: Knights of Badassdom

Summer’s lastest movie, Knights of Badassdom, has been added to the online catalogue of Movies On Demand.

Posted at 11:58 pm Author: Cristelle 3 Comments

Dec 31 Happy New Year 14
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Cheers to the new year, everyone! May it be a memorable one.

We want to wish everyone the best of starts into the new year and hope you all have a wonderful time where ever you are right now.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for stopping by and indicating your interest in this site. Thank you for leaving so many nice comments and
thank you for all the support! You are the ones that made this site such a great place and we are very grateful to head into another year with all of you.

Happy 2014!

Posted at 5:25 am Author: Cristelle 14 Comments


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