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Apr 3 (ARROW SPOILER) Summer on set 5
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Major spoiler ahead.

Some very recent pictures of Summer on the set of Arrow have surfaced, courtesy of Punkd Images.

As was revealed in episode 2×18 “Deathstroke”, Isabel Rochev is actually Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s daughter (aka Ravager). And now, we get a little glimpse at her villain costume!

Summer in villain costume Summer in villain costume

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Feb 26 KOB available on 3
Filed in: Knights of Badassdom

Summer’s lastest movie, Knights of Badassdom, has been added to the online catalogue of Movies On Demand.

Posted at 11:58 pm Author: Cristelle 3 Comments

Dec 31 Happy New Year 14
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Cheers to the new year, everyone! May it be a memorable one.

We want to wish everyone the best of starts into the new year and hope you all have a wonderful time where ever you are right now.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for stopping by and indicating your interest in this site. Thank you for leaving so many nice comments and
thank you for all the support! You are the ones that made this site such a great place and we are very grateful to head into another year with all of you.

Happy 2014!

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Sep 4 New co-webmaster 7
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As you know, we’ve been looking for a new co-webmaster to help us with the website.

We honestly weren’t expecting so many people to answer our call for help, and were deeply honoured by your interest.
It was a tough choice for us, and after due consideration, we’re happy to welcome Thomas in our team (you can reach him at thomas[at]

Please give him a warm welcome…

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Aug 22 Thank you message from Summer 15
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Summer just sent me this, to thank you all for the birthday gifts you left on the site, which I’ve compiled into a pdf that I sent her.

Hello Friends!!

I want to send out a message to say thank you for my beautiful birthday gift! Your messages are so touching and will be cherished!! Thank you for taking the time to make me feel special as you always do. The book is so dear to me. As are all of you…

I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy year :) I want to let you all know that I am… It’s been a blessed year so far and I am full of gratitude. I hope you can feel my love wherever you are right now as I feel yours!!

Truly yours, s.

Posted at 11:18 pm Author: Cristelle 15 Comments

Aug 13 New forum 10
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Hey everyone,

Our website has been switched to a new server (bigger, better, faster…). Unfortunately, the forum got lost on the way.
Everyone will need to register again, and all of the old posts were lost.

On a more positive side, we’ve taken the opportunity to install a new program which is easier to use and possesses interesting new features.

Thanks for your understanding guys,
Wish you all a nice day.

Posted at 2:33 pm Author: Cristelle 10 Comments

Aug 12 Call to help — We’re looking for another co-webmaster 2
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As the title says, we’re looking for another co-webmaster to help maintain and update Back in 2005 when I started, I used to be able to do everything on my own, but I have a lot less free-time on my hands now. Norman is helping me a lot, but I feel it is time to add someone else to our team…

The job mostly consists of researching the Internet for relevant content and uploading it. We’re looking for someone motivated, who has a bit of Internet knowledge (ideally someone who knows how to use of WordPress, Coppermine, and to upload stuff via FTP) and, of course, interest in promoting Summer’s career.

If you want to apply for the position, please send me an email to : webmaster[at] with a brief description of yourself, your qualifications and other relevant information.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

With much thanks in advance,

Posted at 11:53 am Author: Cristelle 2 Comments

Jul 29 Reading material for convention goers (or for fans in general) 7
Filed in: Convention

I know this is not strictly speaking a Summer Glau-related article, and I tend to have a policy against posting un-related material, but sometimes rules deserve to be broken.

The following article was written by American actor Will Wheaton (some may know him from Star Trek, Eureka, Big Bang Theory, or a plethora of other things), after his time spent at Comic Con this year. I have been to some convention, I have seen footage taken at others… I can understand where Wheaton is coming from with this.

If you’re a fan, if you’re a convention goer, or consider going to one, please take a moment to read this article…

Thank you,


Posted at 11:59 pm Author: Cristelle 7 Comments

Jul 24 Happy Birthday Summer!!! 78
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Happy Birthday!!!

Summer turns 32 today, let’s all wish her the best of birthdays…

Posted at 12:01 am Author: Cristelle 78 Comments

Apr 27 Peter Panzerfaust – Release Date & More 5
Filed in: Peter Panzerfaust

The new Peter Panzerfaust motion comic finally has a release date:

- A three-minute teaser will be shown today at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo).
- An official trailer will be released on May 14.
- The motion comic will be released on May 15.

If you hadn’t the chance to visit the panel, you might see it online later, because it looks like it has been recorded. So far there are no official words on this.

Posted at 10:10 am Author: Cristelle 5 Comments


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Extracts from episode 19 of Arrow with Summer as I

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